One Answer from millionaire

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What will be the answer from the millionaire about his success? can you guess it. It is nothing but the time. What??

Yes, time. They use time of others. This is an inspired story from a millionaire which I came across in my life.

When you keep on working and wasting your time to earn money, then there is no possible way to become a millionaire.

You have to invest in other persons time

There is a simple example. Consider you are having a farming land. You plough the land, you plant seeds, you water it, you keep looking it day and night. But what you get only 50% money.

In other hand, shopkeeper has just a shop and he sells your product to the customers with 50% profit without wasting his time.

If four person is selling to the shopkeeper then his profit doubles without losing time.

This is what the concept of millionaire. They dropship products from vendors and sell it without wasting their time by creating it.

“Time is more valuable than money and you can never get it back”




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