My Etsy shop

Hi everyone!!!!

I have started my business in Etsy. If you are interested to buy polymer clay charms and earrings you can visit my shop. I am really happy to open this shop on women’s day. I have provide link below.

Etsy shop: clay and ear shop

I have listed few fashion earring stud below, for more details visit my Etsy shop.

Grey marble stud
sunflower studs

If you want to buy these earrings at much cheaper rate you can visit my Big cartel shopping site. The only problem will be the shipping rate as I have to ship it from India, the shipping cost may be high. But the shipping quality is good. I don’t want to give cheap shipping rate as the shipping won’t be safe. So I have contacted the genuine courier company and fixed the shipping rate to reach you in time:)

Big cartel link: clay and ear

Etsy Link: clay and ear shop

welcome all to my new shop!!!!!!




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