Life for Art

I am an artist and I love painting. The main theme of my painting is nature and girl. I used to express my emotions via art. I used to draw with pencils and then with tempera. But it was really hard for me to mix those colors. Sometimes the paper which I used to wet because of excess water in the paint.

I have struggled a lot to find which art form best suits me and which software is best for me. The photo which I am posted here is made by using the Kleki paint tool. I really love painting using this tool. It helped me to blend my art with different shades and helps me to change the sizes of my brush.

Everyone in this world has an interest in some specific work. I didn’t remember when my journey of art started. I used to paint and hang it all over my home. When my relatives visit my home they really love those painting and my grandma takes those drawings to her home in my remembrance. Whenever I get free time in my school days I used to draw. That‘s how one day my teacher noticed me and gave me a slap on my face... hahaha... Then I stopped drawing at that time. Then I had to move to another school and I don’t want to stop my painting because of the past incident. I had a Rangoli competition in my school where everyone was doing exact Rangoli but I was drawing lord, Krishna. Actually, I didn’t win the competition but I won the hearts of everyone. My juniors really loved it and I got cool friends who were studying kinder garden and some junior friends even the principal mam became close to me.

Painted using the kleki painting tool-Step by step

But finally I had to end up in engineering. This is a little thing about me. I used to watch discovery channel and natgeo which inspired me to create artwork related to nature.

Finally completed art piece

Follow me so that I will be sharing my experience in painting and how to paint. Really thank you, guys!!! for spending your time and reading my article.

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