Brown Eyebrow Pencil

Hey guys!

Today’s topic is about the brown eyebrow pencil. I bought a swiss beauty light brown eyebrow pencil which has a cute brush. The brush was smooth.

It has different shades like dark brown, light brown, black and dark grey. I prefer light brown pencil for my eyebrows.

youtube video

If you are interested to watch my video you can watch it for a demo and easy understanding or continue reading the article.

I never draw lines I just want to make my eyebrows look denser. After brushing with a brush, then start from the middle of the brows and till the end. Fill your eyebrows.

Again a little brushing and shaping.

Now you can find the difference between your two eyebrows. It looks thicker and denser than the other eyebrow.

They are not smudging. Lasts longer. If you gently rub it, goes off easily. It claims it is waterproof but I don’t think so. If you pour water it is not smudging but if gently given the pressure it goes off.

But I love this pencil a lot which makes my eyebrow denser. A simple Korean makeup involves a foundation and eyebrow pencil.

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