one minute hack for stress

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Ashwagandha is ancient medicine. Nowadays people are stressed due to work and other factors. It helps to reduce your stress and anxiety. You have to add 2–3 grams of Aswagandha powder to milk and drink before sleeping.

Always use the prescribed amount in the packet. One study showed adults who took 300 milligrams of ashwagandha daily for eight weeks had lower levels of anxiety and fatigue.

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when you have a crush on famous artists

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you are my life
you are so sweet
you are so caring
you are the one
who make me blush

you are my dream
you are my passion
I don’t want to lose you
cause you are so nice

I want to be your girl
but it never gonna happen
cause even you don’t know that I live in this world

it is too hard
to cross this purple ocean

I am working hard day and night
hoping I will meet you
and be your life

I don’t want to lose you
even I lose you
my heart never gonna leave you
singing your song every day makes me happy

you are my life
you are so nice
you are so caring
and I just can’t
leave you!!!



Jujube for health

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Jujube fruit is also known as Indian date, Korean date, Chinese date, and red date, around the world and is cultivated particularly in South Asia.

This fruit and my eyeball are the same sizes. But it has many benefits.

Jujube helps to calm the nervous system. It contains vitamin C and antioxidants.

Three jujubes a day keeps the doctor away and keeps you young

Jujubes are loaded with calcium, phosphorous, and iron which helps improves bone strength and has more health benefits.

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Haircare tips

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Coconut has many nutrients and also contains many minerals that reduce heat from your body.

Coconut water contains potassium and helps to balance electrolytes in our body.

Even coconut oil pulling used to cure plagues and cavities.

But when you suffer from dandruff, try to avoid it. As it freezes during winter, it may worsen your dandruff.

It clogs the pores. And my dermatologist suggested me to use olive oil instead of coconut oil. I hope you found useful tips.

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