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Everyone loves to watch youtube, and I am going to tell you why this platform is so successful. And why you cannot leave youtube within 5 minutes.

70% of people watch youtube recommended video instead of search and, watch their brain recommended videos.

The psychology behind the brand logo, Why Youtube chooses red button as their logo?

Social media platform drags people by their logo. Yeah! It is true.

Youtube uses red as it’s the logo to capture attention.

You have experienced it in real life. It has a long wavelength. It is visible even you are in long-distance. You would have noticed danger boards, and famous food brand uses the red logo.

makes you think

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What will be the answer from the millionaire about his success? can you guess it. It is nothing but the time. What??

Yes, time. They use time of others. This is an inspired story from a millionaire which I came across in my life.

When you keep on working and wasting your time to earn money, then there is no possible way to become a millionaire.

You have to invest in other persons time

There is a simple example. Consider you are having a farming land. You plough the land, you plant seeds, you water it, you keep looking it…

The pain of work from home

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I was happy when I had a job
But now I regret for it.
Watching movies I thought
IT life will be peaceful.
But now I feel stressed out.

working everyday late night
Pain in my eyes, pain in my hands
skipping my food
Yes, I feel stressed out.

Connection between nature and me is not there
My anger level peaks,
without any reason showing anger over my loved ones
this work from home increase my work
Yes, I feel stressed out.

I chatted with my friends during my free time
but it is not possible now
because I don’t have…

small business

Hi everyone!!!!

I have started my business in Etsy. If you are interested to buy polymer clay charms and earrings you can visit my shop. I am really happy to open this shop on women’s day. I have provide link below.

Etsy shop: clay and ear shop

I have listed few fashion earring stud below, for more details visit my Etsy shop.

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Swiss beauty brown eyebrow pencil

Hey guys!

Today’s topic is about the brown eyebrow pencil. I bought a swiss beauty light brown eyebrow pencil which has a cute brush. The brush was smooth.

It has different shades like dark brown, light brown, black and dark grey. I prefer light brown pencil for my eyebrows.

youtube video

If you are interested to watch my video you can watch it for a demo and easy understanding or continue reading the article.

I never draw lines I just want to make my eyebrows look denser. After brushing with a brush, then start from the middle of the brows…

Find the truth of rose water

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Everyone knows that rose water is good for skin and health. We use it on our faces, and some even drink rose water for good digestion. Even we spray it on our hair.

But one question to everyone?

Are you drinking pure rose water or using organic rose water for your health and skincare?

Best products never hide their ingredients. For some rose water products, it is, mentioned for external purposes only. Then think twice what are the products which restrict us to intake internally. …

Nivea lip balm Jimin

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Hey guys…Today we are going to see about lip balm used by BTS and it’s particularly about Jimin. If you have watched the run BTS episode you would have seen Jimin using lip balm it is noting but Nivea's cherry shine lip balm. So I thought of using it. I bought it on Flipkart.

If you wish you can watch my You tube channel for a visual view of this topic.

BTS Lip balm

These guys accidentally branded these lip balms and I tried Nivea cherry shine caring lip balm with natural oils.

It contains Cherry Extract, castor oil, Shea…


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