Behind scenes

Photo by Adam Fejes from Pexels

Everyone loves to watch youtube, and I am going to tell you why this platform is so successful. And why you cannot leave youtube within 5 minutes.

70% of people watch youtube recommended video instead of search and, watch their brain recommended videos.

The psychology behind the brand logo, Why Youtube chooses red button as their logo?

Social media platform drags people by their…

small business

Hi everyone!!!!

I have started my business in Etsy. If you are interested to buy polymer clay charms and earrings you can visit my shop. I am really happy to open this shop on women’s day. I have provide link below.

Etsy shop: clay and ear shop

I have listed…

Swiss beauty brown eyebrow pencil

Hey guys!

Today’s topic is about the brown eyebrow pencil. I bought a swiss beauty light brown eyebrow pencil which has a cute brush. The brush was smooth.

It has different shades like dark brown, light brown, black and dark grey. I prefer light brown pencil for my eyebrows.



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